MAP Tutorial

MAP for NHC Sales Agents gives you the power to manage your customers order activity, track repairs, view NHC product and services inventory, manage billing expense, request and track quotes, access sales support materials and manage commission data. The following is an overview of the features. All NHC customers receive access to MAP so its important for you as the Account Manager, to understand the information they can view and utilize. For additional information or help please reach out to your NHC Channel Manager or send us an email at

At the top right-hand corner of the screen, you'll see a selection of Tabs marked Welcome Page, Dashboard, Billing, Orders Repairs, Customer Service, Inventory, Sales Support, Commissions and My Account. Each of these tabs engages a landing page that provides access to greater current and historical detail. The following is a summary of each of the tabs:

Welcome: All first- time users will default to a Welcome Page. It includes information on how to place orders and report a trouble or repair via our 7x24x365 number or via email. We also included our escalation contact information for orders and repairs. This will allow you to reach out to NHC Operations and Repair management should the responses to your initial requests not meet your satisfaction. Lastly, at the bottom of the Welcome Page you will find access to three services portals; our NHC Academy for tutorials on the features and functions of our newVoice family of Hosted and SIP products, NHC Managed Services Portal for access to our network management portal and access to our three newVoice Portals – one for our Asterix platform and two for access to our User and Administrator CommPortal Portal(s) from our MetaSwitch.

Dashboard: The MAP Agent Dashboard enables you to view all current repair, orders, installation and quote activity as well as a summary of all active accounts. It is the default setting for repeat customers accessing MAP. At the top of the page note tabs for Map Agent Tutorial, Order and Repair Escalations. The dashboard features three summary tracking views of your customer accounts.

Activity Summary:

Here, you can view all active Repairs, Open Orders, Due Dates within 30 days – this will track both newVoice installs and traditional services FOC's or Firm Order Confirmation dates that provide a date for the install of a service. Next, we provide a summary of installs occurring within 7 days and lastly, we track any open Billing and Customer Service Tickets.

Quote Summary:

View the latest outstanding quotes and all active quotes for the last 12 months. The summary view tracks the quote ID, Account Name, Products, Term, Date Created, Assigned and Delivered. More detail about the quote can viewed by pressing the "View More" tab.

Customer Summary:

Summarizes all your customer accounts with NHC in alphabetical order including the latest invoice, the number of open orders, year-to-date closed orders , open repairs, year-to-date closed repairs, open customer service tickets and year-to-date closed customer service tickets and lastly, you can view the full customer inventory. Clicking the Invoice amount associated with a customer will move to that customer's invoice and billing detail. Note it will show the current account and historical billing by category.

Lastly, at the bottom of the Dashboard you will find access to three services portals; our NHC Academy for tutorials on the features and functions of our newVoice family of Hosted and SIP products, NHC Managed Services Portal for access to our network management portal and access to our three newVoice Portals – one for our Asterix platform and two for access to our User and Administrator CommPortal Portals.

Billing: The Billing Tab is the landing page for all things related to NHC billing. You can access this landing page from either the Customer Summary on the Dashboard or from the Billing tab. From the Billing tab you will need to enter your customer's name. Once entered you will be at that individual customer's Billing landing page. Note the Invoice Summary on the left. Here, you can view the current NHC invoice or access past invoices by selecting the sort feature. The invoice information is available as a downloadable CSV or a PDF. The Invoice Trend bar chart illustrates a 12- month view of the invoice sorted by six categories. The following is a description of each of the Sub-Tabs within the Billing landing page:

Recurring Charges Summary: this report provides a list of all recurring monthly charges by telephone number (TN) or circuit ID.

Billing Summary: a 12- month invoice view by balance forward, MRC, Usage, Taxes and Surcharges, Credit and adjustments, Late Payment fees, Past due amounts and Total invoice.

Billing Reports: NHC's powerful billing platform enables customers to view a variety of reports at both the Corporate level for all locations rolling up to the corporate account or at the sub-account level. We can report on incoming and outgoing calling activity for traditional POTs and newVoice hosted and SIP services. There are 14 reports including the ability compare expense items over any period of months by items that increased or decreased sorted by recurring, non-recurring, usage or total billing.

Unbilled Usage: You can view current unbilled usage – updated within 48 hours divided by all usage types including *69 Calls/Auto Callback, 1+ hosted or SIP newVoice VOIP calls, wireless data usage, local calling, switched outbound, switched inbound or newVoice VOIP inbound.

Sub-Accounts: If you have multiple locations rolling up to a corporate account, this sub-Tab allows you to view each location sorted by account number, Customer location name, total calls, usage charges, recurring and non-recurring charges, taxes, adjustments and amount due. Each location can be viewed from the account number along with its invoice and historical billing view and the ability to run reports. All exportable via CSV.

Payment Information: here you can view the methods of payment to NHC and view the customer's payment history and adjustment history. All exportable via CSV.

Open Billing Tickets: This sub-Tab leads to our Customer Service landing page. Here you can view open pending billing or customer service inquiries, resolved inquires or closed tickets or open a new customer service ticket.

  • Orders: This feature allows you to review all active orders with NHC. We offer two methods for customers to track orders based upon order type. Standard Wireline Orders include traditional services such as telephone voice lines, line features, Internet service and private data lines or our newVoice orders including our hosted and SIP services as well as related customer premise equipment. Tracking traditional services starts with the customer's account number, location, GL code if provided, order type, BTN, ANI/Circuit, order status. We track the last date the order was worked, the date for order to confirm, all order notes from the time NHC has a complete order and all the notes until the order is sent to billing. For our newVoice Services, tracking begins with the account number, location, GL code and order number. We then track and note all milestones for the customer's order from the time we qualify the order, ship the equipment, to when the service is up and running. Also included with the timeline are all notes. The Closed Orders page provides a representation of order activity over a 12-month period. All exportable to a CSV.
  • Repairs: Our Repair landing page features every active repair and closed repair you have with NHC as well as the ability for you or your customer to open a repair ticket. We are open 7X24X365 to manage customer repair issues. Here you can review active repairs and sort by trouble ticket number, location, repair type, GL code and description. The notes are updated live 24 hours a day. Closed repair lists every closed ticket that NHC has resolved for you over the last 12 months. "Trouble Ticket Request" will open a ticket for repair service, and our team will respond ASAP. All information is downloadable in a CSV format. Here is how the system works:
    • To open a Trouble Ticket Request, simply fill out information provided, and provide as much info as possible for NHC to initiate a ticket. Our trouble ticketing system is open 7x24x365.
    • You can track open repairs-in real time. Once you have opened a trouble ticket, you'll be provided with a trouble ticket number, and the system will immediately record that you have an open ticket. This open ticket can be viewed by repair type, location, account number, NHC's underlying carrier and who at NHC is working the ticket, the last modified date, and all associated notes. This is refreshed live 7x24x365. This repair info can also be sent to your tablet or smartphone – just see your account manager if you'd like to have access that feature. We also maintain all closed repairs for our customers containing this information. This feature helps us to evaluate chronic repair issues that might occur over time.
  • Inventory: Our unique Inventory tool, enables you to sort and track service and equipment inventory from NHC. Here, you'll find a detailed inventory telephone numbers, circuit ID's, related Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), Item descriptions, Billing From and Start Date, MRC amount and MAC address if applicable – all sorted by account number, Location or GL Code. Users can also view just CPE related billing by hitting the View CPE tab. Also, users who have purchased CPE from NHC can view a summary report of all items purchased. You also have the option to download a report with this information by clicking on the "Export CSV" tab. See your NHC account representative to discuss customizable reports.

Customer Service: NHC now has a customer service team that can respond to issues related to billing or other non-repair related concerns. Agents or customers can open a customer service inquiry or track the status of any open ticket or review closed tickets. Click Ticket Request to open a Customer Service/Billing Ticket. Please include a description of the issue with as much detail as possible. The "ticket" will be time stamped, assigned to customer service representative and worked to resolution.

Sales Support: Review your detailed quote history, sortable by RFQ#, Account Name and Product Category. Request a quote from this landing page and print a NHC MSA and LOA. More Marketing and Sales information will be available from this Tab in the future.

Commissions: Agents with access to commission information can view current and historical commission reports and open a commission dispute ticket and view all current and closed commission disputes.

My Account: Provides the option to change your password. If your password was emailed to you, make sure you change your password when you log in for security purposes. For security purposes, NHC will send you an email prompt to have you change your password every 90 days. If you have any questions, email or contact your NHC Channel Manager.